Is Dog Boarding The Right Option For You?

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dogIf you travel often, you know that leaving your dog alone is never a good idea. Sometimes, you can get lucky and ask your neighbor or close family member to watch your pet. However, if this is not the case for you, you have to look at other options to keep your pet safe while you’re away. Dog boarding is the number one choice for traveling pet owners, and with good reason too!

You can travel knowing that your pet is going to be safe and well taken care of. No strangers will have access to your pet, unless of course they’re trained staff members. Additionally, if your dog is prone to exploring or wandering around, a boarding place is the safest spot.

Older pets or those with medical conditions that require medications can greatly benefit from a dog boarding facility. Professionals are always around and will be able to administer the help that your pet needs. In case of severe medical emergencies, trained staff members are going to work around the clock to help your dog feel better.

While you’re away from home, your pet should also get the right amount of exercise. If you’re not around to walk your dog or play fetch, who will do those things? Fortunately, all boarding facilities recognize the importance exercise and supervise your pet during the entire stay.

Apart from focusing on the importance of exercise, you truly can’t afford to forget about your pet’s dietary needs. Most boarding kennels that are well established can work with you if your dog has special dietary needs that need to be met.

As great of an option as boarding kennels are, there are a few pitfalls that you should also be aware of. For one, if your dog doesn’t enjoy the company of other animals, this may become a problem. Some boarding places will also board cats, so that may be doubly important to take into consideration.

Next, it is worth mentioning that boarding your pet is not going to be cheap. Depending on the place you choose, you can expect to pay over 30 dollars per night. Of course, prices will vary by location with dog boarding Mississauga having different fees that those out of town, but you will need to consider that better boarding kennels will cost more.

There is always the possibility that your dog may get sick during the stay as dogs do come into contact with each other. Unfortunately, this is hard to avoid, but if you take the necessary precautions by making sure that your dog has all of the required shots, it can certainly help cut down on chances of getting sick.

Lastly, a boarding kennel may not always be able to match the feeding and exercise schedule your pet is used to. Boarding kennels have a regular schedule they work by, and if your pet doesn’t get used to it, it can prove to be stressful. As you can see, there are pros and cons associated with kennels, so make sure you weigh them against your needs.