Custom Dress Shirts Can Come In Handy

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custom shirt and jacketWhy wear the same thing that everyone else is wearing when you can stand out from the crowd? There’s a way to maintain the style of today’s formal wear, without sacrificing your individuality. It’s as simple as securing a custom dress shirt for your next special occasion. A custom dress shirt will have you in mind. Custom dress shirts might sound expensive, but when compared with the price of any other formal shirt, it isn’t so much.

Custom Dress Shirts: Match Your Prom Date

Most of the guys at the prom are just going to come with a tie that matches their date’s dress. You have more devotion then that though. Getting a custom dress shirt of the same color is the perfect way to show off how much of a couple you two are. You might also want to make sure that’s close to the same fabric. The shirt can be dyed to any color.

Into Pockets

It’s becoming harder and harder to find a dress shirt that has pockets. They aren’t technically in-style, but some girls can’t help but swoon over them. If you’re looking for the perfect pen-protecting pocket, you need to have it custom tailored to your exact needs. Get it where you want it, and the size that you want it.


Strips can be a great way to show off how tall you are. They can also make shorter men look a little taller. If you’re looking for a striped shirt, but can’t quite find it in the color you want it, make sure you check out having it customized.

Can’t Find A Shirt That Fits?

Some of us have a hard time finding a dress shirt that fits us properly. This could be due to being a little taller, or rounder then everybody else. Sure, you can go to a big and tall store, but those are often hard to come by. I’m sure you’d rather shop for a bigger size in the privacy of your home. You need a tailor that has your exact measurements in mind. You’ll be able to have a custom dress shirt made for your size, and when you order online, you won’t have to leave your home for it.

Want Something Embroidered?

This is an option you definitely won’t have in a traditional store. They won’t have the time, or the material to embroider your shirt. When you purchase your shirt from a custom dress shirt shop, you’ll be able to get whatever embroidery you want. Traditionally, people have their name, or title embroidered on their shirt.

Get Your Quality, Custom Dress Shirt Now!

The prom may only be a month away. I’m sure you want your dress shirt shipped to you as soon as possible. Your date would hate it if you weren’t ready for the big dance. Make sure you have your shirt shipped to you as soon as possible. You won’t regret it once you see the quality of the piece.